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24th July 2013
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11th November 2013
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Once upon a time in a land not very far away, a young boy was born and named Jonathan.  Young Jonathan was a very sporty youngster, blessed with speed, strength and an extraordinary aptitude for ball skills.  Walking home from school one day, young Jonathan came across an elderly man who was searching for his dog in the park.  Young Jonathan offered the man his assistance and together they found the dog at the furthest end of the park, oblivious to his owner’s plight.  The man noticed Jonathan’s extraordinary athletic ability during the search and knew he had seen a future star.  As a thank you for his assistance, the gentleman offered to grant Jonathan one wish.  “My friends would like superpowers the boy said, some would like to be invisible, others would like to climb like Spiderman,” and then he paused to think a moment longer, “I would like a fearsome left boot,” said Jonathan.  Little did Jonathan know that the elderly gentleman was not a wizard who could grant wishes so he believed that his wish would come true.  The elderly gentleman explained in length to Jonathan that he was responsible for looking after that fearsome left boot and they spoke about how to put the boot behind the ball, of angles, of wind direction and of focusing the mind.  Young Jonathan went to practice the very next day and, low and behold, it had come true, he had the most fearsome left boot in all of England.  Readers, you will know the rest of this story, young Jonathan grew into Jonny and at the age of 18 pulled on a white jersey with a beautiful red rose on his breast.  Young Jonathan became Jonny the rugby fly-half, Jonny THE number 10, Jonny that drop goal in 2003!


You may of course wish to substitute Jonny (before the 80 minutes is up) and fill his shoes instead with Kevin Sinfield, arguably one of the greatest Rugby League players of our era.  Or perhaps the new England trio on the block, the Burgess brothers.


Could you pick your top 15 best rugby players ever?  I think it’s a tricky one but it might keep your mind busy on the touchline this season as you watch your Lions putting their bodies on the line for school & local clubs.  Rugby, what a beautiful game, physicality, precision, team-work, is there a better team sport to watch or play than this?  If only girls were allowed to play when I was at school.  If your future star is a rugby fanatic, don’t delay, buy them a Rugby hanger for their medals today.  Cut from stainless steel, tougher than a pair of brand new boots, shinier than the home strip even if you’ve washed it in Daz, fit for any wall at Twickenham.  For Union, for League, for Sevens, for Boys and for Girls.


Length: 335 mm, Height 75 mm

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