Well Earned

Well Earned


This is the medal display for hard earned medals.  These are the medals that mean something, give your finisher’s medals the respect they deserve and hang them on this stainless steel finisher’s medal display today!

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This is the medal hanger for the competitor with a race story to tell.  Ever heard the one about the Newsreader who collapsed five miles from the finish and almost didn’t finish?  Or the day that Paula Radcliffe’s pit-stop was snapped and papped by the World’s media?  We’ve all been there, when only a cup of hot chocolate thrust into the shaking freezing hands of an adventure racer is the only thing to bring you back to life.  Where a space blanket and an old beach towel thrown around your shoulders make you feel human again, when you don’t care that pools of snot are running from your nose and torrents of tears from your eyes.  When you’ve hauled and heaved yourself around a course you thought you’d never finish, when you text home to say you’re safe but you’ll never enter again.  This is the hanger for you.


Finally The Medal Hanger Shop gives you somewhere to hang those medals that send a shudder up your spine when you handle them.  The medals you can’t face until the race bruises have turned from purple to yellow, the medals that bring a grimace to your face.  Hang them here and tell those stories forever!


Only the brave buy a Well Earned.  Complete with fixtures and fittings, made from only the strongest stuff (2.0mm thick stainless steel), weighing in at 346 mm long & 66 mm high, it’s a real bruiser, nothing takes the shine off this hanger.



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