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The origins of Marathon running are believed to date back to 490 B.C. and the time of the Battle of Marathon, during which the Persians suffered a crushing defeat.  There is some dispute as to the journey and its nature, made by the messenger Pheidippides, who either ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians, a journey of approximately 25 miles, or who ran on from Athens to Sparta and back to ask for help; a journey of approximately 145 miles over two days.  The legend is yours to discover but history remains the same, the Marathon distance was born.


It is a journey of the brave and sometimes of the foolish!  Whether it be in the heat of Paris, the austerity (and hurricanes of New York), the high winds of Edinburgh or the grandeur of London, there is a marathon for everyone in all countries of the World.  But this is a hanger exclusively for Marathon runners, only those who have completed 26.2 miles and can claim to be marathon finishers can purchase and hang this medal display.


Make this medal hanger as essential a piece of kit as your running jacket, whatever the raison d’etre behind your race entry, allow yourself a moment’s respite to hang your favourite medals.  Is it a little self-indulgent?  Perhaps, but isn’t the training? We’ve kept it simple, it does exactly what it says, it shows nothing more and nothing less, leaving you free to hit the road… again.


Length: 320 mm, Height: 56 mm, Width 1.5 mm



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2 reviews for Marathon

  1. Jason Hewitt

    Good quality hanger and looks nice

  2. Ian Carnegie

    Well made and good quality. Just what I wanted.

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