Run For Life
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Run For Life

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If you run for life, run for love, or just run for the hell of it, this is the medal display for your finisher’s medals.  Made from 1.5mm thickness stainless steel, your medals can be displayed in a neat and tidy fashion.

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This is the medal display for runners – fact.


Perhaps you’re at the start of your running career and a 5km series is your current distance.  Perhaps you’ve been running for years and you could write a Times best selling piece about the best and worst races on the National and International circuit.  Perhaps you’ve scrubbed your trainers to get them through customs more times than Cilla Black announced, “It’s a Blind Date,” on Saturday night TV.  Perhaps you’re the modern day Forest Gump and you run for running’s sake, or you run to raise money for charity, or raise awareness of a particular cause, or perhaps you run simply because you’re always running late and you have to run for the bus and you always get to those important meetings busting a lunge, throat tight with exertion and slightly sweaty under the arms.


If you run for purpose, run for poise or run because you love running, you will love this hanger.


This hanger has a central bar for extra stability to hold all those medals you’ve had kicking around from your latest ultras/ trail runs/ half marathons/ marathons/ 10ks/ 5ks & park runs.  It comes with three wall plugs, spacers, and screws for easy hanging.  You could even hang your laces up to try after particularly wet and muddy sessions, they’ll dry in seconds if you hang this above your radiator.


Length: 440mm, Height: 70mm

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1 review for Run For Life

  1. Gerry Rudolf

    Beats keeping your running medals in a draw. Even the wife thought it was brilliant. Managed to get 15 medals on large hanger.
    I’ll have to get another one.

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