This medal display is made from 1.5mm thickness stainless steel.  It has three fixing points, one central and two at either end.  This is a striking text display for all your gymnastics medals.

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A beautiful hanger for all budding gymnasts.  As part of the Olympic legacy, we are encouraging our children to develop their skills in all different sports and explore the opportunities open to them.  With the exception of Super Saturday and the spell binding success in the athletics arena, it was the success of the GB Gymnastics team that captivated the television audience.  Would Beth Tweddle exceed public expectation or would she fall at the final hurdle (bar?!)  The shock exit of some of the favourites who made unexpected errors and cost them a Olympic title made for exhilarating watching.


And as for Louis Smith, what a strong, eloquent and disciplined young man he is, a gymnast the nation can be proud of.  We love a story us Brits, robbed of the Gold?  That’s one for dinner party contention.


Perhaps you have a Beth or a Louis at home, a tumbler, a floor routine specialist, a child who shines on the rings or the bars or even the dreaded (in my eyes!) balance beam.  Gymnastics takes fortitude and courage, commitment to training and the narrowest of margins separates those at the top.


In an unforgiving sport, where the lows are devastating, the glory must be heralded and put up on show.  This is the hanger for your gymnastics future stars.  Why wait for the legacy when they’re bringing home medals today?  Watch your young gymnast beam with pride as they hang their competition medals on their very own Gymnastics hanger.


Our hanger has core strength (a central bar), parallel bars and curves in all the right places.  Complete with fixtures and fittings.  Shinier than the best leotard on the market, mark my words!


Length: 404mm, Height: 66mm

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