Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame


Wall of Fame stainless steel medal display.  Featuring Times Roman text, a statuesque, sturdy medal hanger for your athlete.

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The Wall of Fame medal hanger display

This medal display is a large and striking text medal hanger featuring bold Times Roman lettering.  The Wall of Fame text is statuesque.  This Wall of Fame medal hanger has been designed for athletes of different sports, or athletes who specialise in one sport and have a lot of medals to hang.  In addition to its solid appearance, the Wall of Fame medal hanger is made from 2.0mm thickness stainless steel.  As a result the medal display has a sturdy look and solid, shiny finish.

How many medals can you hang?

The number of medals you hang is a matter of personal choice.  If you overlap the ribbons on your medals you can easily hang up to 30 medals.  As a result you will have a colourful and vibrant wall display.  Or you could space your medals out for a neater display.  Because we supply all the fixtures and fittings you need to hang your medal display (wall plugs, screws and spacers) the process of changing your medals season by season is very simple.  The medal hanger stays just off the surface of the wall for an easily changeable display.

How long does it take to hang the medal display?

This depends on how handy you are.  We estimate a measuring time of 30 seconds, drilling time approx 1 minute, screwing time approx 1.5 minutes.  We’d probably take longer to decide which of our medals to hang where once the item was mounted.

Who is the Wall of Fame for?

The Wall of Fame hanger should be added to any sporting gift wish list. It is  the perfect present for anyone who takes part in sporting events, running races, triathlons, OCR competitions.  I have six huge Tough Guy horse brass medals hung from mine, with ribbons of all different colours.  Don’t have enough medals?  Dig around at home, this makes the perfect display for the whole family.

Finally, if you need a unique training incentive we recommend having one of these ready hung at home.  Because having somewhere to hang your race medals before you finish is the only way to guaranteed race completion.

British made since 2012.

Length 435mm : Height 82mm

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  1. Clive Bradburn

    Excellent service. Very helpful when we needed to rush through delivery.

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