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Triathlon LARGE

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A 2.0mm thickness stainless steel medal display.  Hang this striking medal hanger on the wall for the perfect location for all your triathlon medals.

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So perhaps you’re an experienced triathlete or you have lofty ambitions.  Maybe you’ve entered all your events based on the size of the medal and you want to make a statement with your hanger.  Like they say, when in America… super size baby!  This is a triathlon hanger that looks like the original, feels like the original and even smells like the original but it’s bigger.

We all know that when you go to MacDonalds you can spend a couple of pennies more to super size your meal.  As triathletes and healthy eaters, don’t forget to say no thanks to this!  But, if you come to the Medal Hanger Shop you might want to holler yes p-lease to the super size option.  Think logically now, if you have a bigger hanger you have a better excuse for entering that next race.


Sure to be our next biggest online seller.  Get yours whilst stocks last.


Length: 43.5 cm, 2.0 mm thick, Height: 11.2 cm

Dimensions 43.5 × 11.2 cm

3 reviews for Triathlon LARGE

  1. Val Sharp

    Great gift, perfect for my husband’s medals. Good quality and lovely design.

  2. Tom Fardon

    Good design, solidly made. Lots of room for medals – my first one topped out at about 30 medals, so this is a second one. Don’t screw it too tight to the wall or you’ll not be able to get the ribbons over the hooks. A great way to display my medals.

  3. Jo Osborne

    Great quality, my husband had it on the wall the same day! He was very pleased with it

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