How to

This is the what and the how of putting up your rosette hanger:

What we send you

One rosette hanger packaged with the following items:

  • Fixtures & fittings for wall mounting
  • 8 tails of pre-looped ribbon (add dimension)
  • 10 pairs of sticky Velcro dots

Additional ribbon & Velcro dot pairs can be purchased from us or your nearest craft store

What you do next

Mount the wall hanger ensuring the spacers are between the wall and the hanger and slide ribbons along bar.

Rosette Hanger

Attach your Velcro dots to the reverse side of your rosette. Rosettes typically come with a range of fixtures as shown.

Stick a ‘spiky’ velcro dot on the back of the rosette in the position that it will attach to the ribbon. (Be careful here, your velcro dots cannot be removed once stuck on) A central position is best for weight distribution.

Stick the corresponding ‘soft’ Velcro dot on the ribbon where you want the rosette to be displayed.

Connect the Velcro dots to each other, your rosette should now be secure.

Repeat for all the rosettes you plan to hang