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At last, a hanger designed exclusively for the performer(s) in your household.  This is for the children born with a spring in their step, who pirouetted, jived, jazzed and body popped their way from womb to stage.  You will have seen all the films, Footloose (dance is their rasion d’etre), Dirty Dancing (nobody keeps your baby in the corner), High School Musical 1, 2 & 3 (did you really sit through that many), The Jungle Book on Ice/ roller skates and of course the Ballet.


If your children spend their time at the bar, on points, or in high tops, then you will no doubt have spent equal amounts of time in the car driving them from venue to venue, crouched over sequinned costumes at 1am in a state of panic should it not all hold together, crying over last night performances and first night nerves.  You will all need a moment of wonder & awe at quite possibly the only wall decoration worthy of a family’s daily sacrifices.


It is the only hanger that loves to dance.  It is funky and stylish and your dancers will would love to own one, trust me.


When you put away the sewing machine and thimble in the wee hours of the morning, promising yourself you’ll never help the costume department again (of course you won’t!), a quick glance at the medals on this beautiful hanger and you’ll remember that it’s always alright on the night.


Complete with fixtures and fittings and ground for a bright shiny ‘star of the show’ finish.


Length: 400 mm, Height: 90 mm

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