Stainless still medal display holder featuring the text My Medals and with two hanging bars for additional display space.  Made from 1.5mm thickness brushed stainless steel.

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This is the same classy & outrageously popular My Medals holder but with an added Double Bar.  The My Medals Double Bar gives you added hanging space without twice the price tag!

This item is made from 1.5mm thickness brushed stainless steel for a sleek and shiny finish.  The My Medals Double Bar is designed for the display of sporting medals from any disciplines, Acrobatics to Tumbling and anything in-between.  The item is packaged with screws, wall plugs and spacers for your convenience.  Once hung on the wall the medal display is strong and will hold any number of medals.

How many medals can I hang?

Well how many do you want to hang is the simplest answer.  In our office on a My Medals single bar hanger we have 20 medals displayed.  They are 20 of our favourites and we like to swap the medals in and out as we do more events.  Therefore your My Medals Double Bar holder should take a minimum of 40 medals provided you’re happy to overlap the ribbons and make the display really colourful.

Can I hang the product without using the fixtures and fittings?

No we wouldn’t recommend this.  We provide everything you need to make the process of hanging medals really simple and effective.  Why use anything else!


Length 33.0 cm x Height 7.7 cm x 1.5mm thickness

I live abroad, can you deliver to me?

Our My Medals Double Bar hanger can be delivered worldwide.  In fact, if it is as popular as our current best selling My Medals medal rack, it will go to all corners of the globe.

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Weight 0.212 kg
Dimensions 33 × 0.15 × 7.7 cm