Maid of Iron
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Maid of Iron

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A quick google of the Top Ten Greatest Female Ironman Triathletes (try saying that after 140.6 miles), shows a handful of certainties.  One, that there are some exceptionally talented female (tri)athletes in the World, two, that it is impossible to put the ten in any order of greatness, and three, that you have to be something of a superwoman to compete with the ladies who have made the ‘iron’ hall of fame.


My suggestion if you were trying to put your own best of Ironman Triathletes together would be to stick yourself at number one, because, quite frankly, if you’ve entered and/ or completed an Ironman event you should be your own top dog.  First prize for commitment to training, pursuit of athletic excellence and good old gumption (not sure if that will spell check).  And damn right I am too.


We have a hanger for the Ironman triathlete in you.  This hanger is for the competitor who gives as much as she has, who has tasted blood, sweat and tears, and who dreams of Hawaii but not as a holiday destination.  This is for the female athlete who likes a ladies specific fit without the frills and the pink trim.


For all the Maids of Iron.  (P.s. being handy with a drill and a spirit level also helps post purchase)


Length: 435 mm, Height: 8.0 mm


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