Ultra Runner
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Ultra Runner

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Medal display featuring the words Ultra Runner over an arc of footprints.  This medal display holder has been designed for the long-course athlete.

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Ultra Runner medal display

This medal display features the text Ultra Runner in an arc over a display bar.  The Times Roman font used for Ultra Runner is a striking and statuesque font used to display your achievements in the grandest possible way.  The thick arc (we like to call it a rainbow) under the text has shoe prints punched out of the steel.  These shoe prints mark your ultra running journey, not only the miles covered in competition, but the training too.  This stainless steel medal display is 2.0mm thick, solid and designed to hold the most treasured of medals.

How does the medal hanger work?

All our medal hangers are supplied with all the fixtures and fittings required to hang the displays to a flat solid surface.  The provision of spacers keep the medal displays just away from the wall, which in turn makes changing your display really easy.  As you move from one Ultra season to the next, you simply slide last year’s medals off the bar and add new ones.

How many medals can I hang?

That is a tricky question.  With the ribbons overlapped you can hang 25-30 medals on this medal display.  However, lots of our customers like to see the ribbons and their thickness can sometimes reduce the number of medals you want to display.  The great thing about our medal hangers though is that once securely attached to the wall, they will take the weight of any number of medals.

Why do runners take part in Ultras?

There is some debate about the origins of the Ultra Race in its current form.  However, the popularity of the marathon distance has meant that runners are keener than ever to test themselves over longer course races than what may be considered a more traditional long course.  An ultra runner is an endurance athlete, and the appeal of the endurance tag cannot be underestimated.  Your challenge is to decide how many miles or kilometres you can cover, and over how many days.  Equally, ultra races are often held in some exceptionally special locations, which make for incredible race experiences.