Virtual Medals

Virtual Medals


This virtual medals wall display has been designed exclusively for runners and other recreational athletes who subscribe to virtual events, and have medals to display.

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The Medal Holder

This Virtual Medals wall display is made from 2.0mm thickness brushed stainless steel.  The word Virtual Medals sits on top of a large display bar in a chunky upright font.  The hanger has been designed exclusively for the display of Virtual Medals.

How do I display my virtual medals?

The medal display is packaged with screws, spacers and wall plugs.  You will need to measure the screw holes correctly once the hanger is held straight against a flat surface.  Drill three holes and insert a wall plug into each.  Then holding the screws in the hanger front to back, and the spacer behind the screw (back to front), you attach the hanger to the wall, a screw in each drilled hole.  Carefully tighten the screws, each one a little at a time until the hanger is level.  Then securely tighten the screws.  The provision of the spacer means you can add to your medal display as you acquire each new virtual medal.

What are Virtual Medals

The virtual medals concept is a really neat way to achieve medals for running or other sporting activity without having to travel to race venues.  The challenge is set by a company who offer a medal for the challenge.  Subscribers complete the challenge in a set time scale, and providing they submit evidence of their achievements, they are sent a medal in the post.  This means the virtual medals are not themselves virtual but the event itself is.  These virtual medals are a great way to amass training miles or even to join challenges for a good cause.  They are motivational without the commitment that often goes with race tourism, be that financial or logistical.

Your challenge is now to decide which virtual medals to collect next!

Proudly made in Britain.