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Made of Iron

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If I think of the greatest modern day sporting heroes, there is one who firmly sticks in my mind as the epitome of greatness.  A man of extraordinary talent, a man who set the world alight when the public became aware of him, a man of grace and humility in winning.  The man is a legend, the man is Roger Federer.


“What on earth does Federer have to do with Ironman,” I hear you cry with that flummoxed look upon your face.  Well nothing really and it may be hard to explain but there is something about Federer that screams professional sportsman from his accolades right down to his perfectly matching outfits.  The class of the man is something he wears from the outside in and projects from the inside out.  Now before you get bored of this ode to the greatest player in my mind, think again.  When you see an Ironman Competitor at any sporting expo you immediately know they’re an Ironman finisher, and why is that?  Simple, because they wear it and wear it well.  The brand is superbly crafted, you can spot an Ironman tattoo at 100 paces, you talk to competitors at a show and the ones with the Ironman Gortex full length zip jacket and the rucksack with the specifically crafted pockets for gels command respect.  Ironman is not just triathlon in the way that Federer is not just a tennis player, now do you see?


In the words of Raymond Britt, “There is no such thing as an easy Ironman,” and I would suggest, in that case, that an Ironman medal cannot be hung on any of our other hangers.  You command respect and so does your medal, if you are made of iron then our hanger is made for you.


Tough as you are at 2.0 mm thick, one of our longer [than other events!] hangers and guaranteed to hang for more than the average finishing time of approximately 12 hours and 35 minutes, provided you’ve used the wall fittings we sent you.  Buy one and see how the medals fit.


Length: 435 mm, Height: 8.0 mm

Weight 0.227 kg

1 review for Made of Iron

  1. Damon

    I bought the made of iron medal hanger as a Christmas present for my son. I was really pleased when it arrived the next working day, it was only 4 days before Christmas and was worried I had left it too late. The hanger is well made and really easy to put up. I would definitely recommend.

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