A medal display hanger designed for Karate medals.  Made specifically for devotees of this most popular martial art.


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The medal holder

Adding to our range of martial arts holder is the Karate medal display hanger. This medal holder features the word ‘Karate’ in a forward-leaning font, centred on a long bar under which you hang your medals.  Said to be the most popular of the Japanese martial arts, and with three styles to choose from, devotees of the sport are plentiful and competition for medals and belts is high.  Whilst martial arts schools award belts for the achievement of a higher grade of the sport, the popularity of medals and trophies for karate cannot be disputed.

How does it attach?

This medal display is supplied with all the fixtures and fittings required to attach it to the wall.  It is a case of careful measuring, drilling two holes and a little dexterity!  made from brushed stainless steel in 1.5mm thickness, the item is strong and will not bend or break once attached to the wall.  Providing of course it is only medals that you hang from it!

How many medals will it hold?

That is entirely dependent on how many you have to hang.  A vibrant and colourful display can be achieved by piling on as many medals as you like.  The ribbons will be overlapped and you could hang in excess of 20 medals.  However, if you wanted a neater display, you should hang 15 or less deepening on the width of the ribbon.

What is Karate?

The word Karate means ’empty hand’ (‘te’ being ‘hand’) and the word describes the close combat nature of the sport, using arms and legs to attack and defend.  Karate is equally graceful and can be described as poetry in motion by any observers of the sport.  The popularity of Karate cannot be disputed.  A cursory glance at the annual competitions fixtures shows a list of domestic and international competitions.  The ability to compete at a high level and to become a decorated martial artist is greatly appealing.

This Karate medal display is the perfect motivational gift for your budding martial artist(s).

Proudly made in Britain and sold worldwide.