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11th October 2017
Dog Lead Hanger Bone Engraved Straight Bar
Bone Engraved Straight Bar
13th October 2017
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Top Dog


A stainless steel wall hanger designed for the display of rosettes won in competing with or showing dogs.

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Every dedicated dog owner knows the hours of 5am.  Every canine and human partnership has walked the agility course in the pouring rain, and you will have selected only the best food for your canine competitors. Why then not find the most fitting display for the rosettes that you regularly win at local and national competitions?

The Product

This stainless steel rosette display is a metal hanger featuring the words Top Dog along the top bar.  This product is provided with all the fixtures and fittings required (screws, wall plugs, spacers) to hang your rosette display securely to the wall.  We also supply eight ribbon tails and a starter kit of 10 Velcro dots that you can use to attach to your rosettes.  If you hang five rosettes on each ribbon tail, you will have a colourful display of 40 rosettes.  How you attach the rosettes is entirely up to you, you can use the Velcro dots or the safety pins on your rosettes, whichever is easiest and most secure.

The Display

Once you hang all the ribbons and fill them with rosettes, you will have a colourful wall display that people cannot help but admire. Will your dog appreciate the sentiment? Why of course if you’re happy your top dog is too!


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