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January 10, 2013
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March 1, 2013
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Swimmers Medal Hanger


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Could this be our most stylish hanger yet?  The three amigos swimming in unison – the Swimmers medal hanger.


This swimmers medal hanger suits swimmers of all ages and abilities, is eye catching and sleek.


If you have ever hammered length upon length in the pool, if you have ever driven your children to training at 5am or made the long trek North for Regional Finals/ Qualifiers or local galas, this is the medal hanger they need to display their achievements.


If you have done a lake or sea swim, for pleasure or charity, this swimmers medal hanger for you.


For the Dolphin, the Otter, the Seal, the Whale, the potterer, the doggie-paddler, for the swimmer out front and all those behind, the triathlete, bi-athlete, pool swimmer, outdoor swimmer, splasher in the bath…  If the medal fits the hanger, the swimmers medal hanger fits you.


Train hard, eat well, sleep well, hang today.



Length: 325 mm, Height: 63 mm, Width: 2.0 mm



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