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21st February 2015
15th March 2015
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Running Team Large


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This running team large size medal display holder is the perfect gift for the club runner.  A sleek design in 2.0 mm thick stainless steel, this medal hanger will hold 25+ medals depending on the size of the medal ribbons and your desire to overlap the ribbons.  Make a statement with this design and make this running team large hanger the talk of your running club.  Suitable for cross-country running enthusiasts, striders, and harriers of all abilities.

Specific to the sport of running, this running team large medal rack holder has a chunky feel and shiny finish.  It comes with screws, spacers and wall plugs to make creating your medal display easier than the races you run provided you can use a drill and a screwdriver.  Spacers included to keep your display off the wall for easy medal hanging; change your design every season without any hassle.

After especially inclement race days, we think the running team large medal hanger would also hang your race bib.

Designing a display for your race bling has never been easier than with the running team larger medal rack!

Dimensions 43.3 × 0.2 × 11 cm


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