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A swim to survival

A successful assault on Bird Poop Island.  The date was June 2018, the location a little piece of rock protruding from the sea off the coast of Conneticut.  A little more than a stone’s throw from the beach-fronted homes flying their July 4thflags in anticipation of the holiday season.  The ‘island’ so named by my […]

Peace, Perseverance or a PB?

Positivity and perseverance are the two buzz words for today’s blog.  The inspiration for this story comes from a plant I have been nurturing since its brush with disaster at least six years ago.  Let me start from the beginning…   The members of one of my exercise classes gave me a peace lily for […]

Running Nation 2019

We’ve just returned from the National Running Show at the NEC.  It is a great way to start the year for runners (other athletes may attend of course) and businesses, small or large.  It is our favoured way to connect with our customers, new and existing and really to hear about your motivations for running […]

Oh poo! I need a bike rack

In this post-Christmas period I found myself in receipt of a new mountain bike.  It’s rather a long story but very basically, I’m a road cyclist and my husband who is not a cyclist, prefers something with a little more suspension and a lot less traffic.  He has a road bike of the hand-me-down-but-bung-me-a-tenner or […]

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