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19th January 2019
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Running Nation 2019

We’ve just returned from the National Running Show at the NEC.  It is a great way to start the year for runners (other athletes may attend of course) and businesses, small or large.  It is our favoured way to connect with our customers, new and existing and really to hear about your motivations for running and your aspirations for this year and further into the future.


You could say that the running market is saturated by choice, from everything kit-related through to inspirational books and nutritional nibbles.  However, choice can be tough especially when you’re shopping for a bargain, or looking on the internet.  The chance to come together at a show with other runners and see what the community thinks and what the current trends are is really exciting.  Not to mention of course that there are always a few freebies lurking.


We enjoyed showing off our newest hangers.  The buzz has been well and truly lit around our mini engravable London tower bridge medal holder.  We designed the item specifically for those who take maybe one, or up to three shots at the London Marathon.  The mini size reflects the once (possibly twice or thrice) in a lifetime opportunity, the wording you choose reflects your experience.  We also showed our Marathon Majors and Ultra medal displays to the world; ultra being the ‘new’ marathon so it seems.


So much of our consumer enjoyment came from seeing the running community united and excited.  To see experience guiding and shaping the motivations of new comers is very special indeed.  From a professional fitness standpoint, I find that running is ever more appealing to everyone, however large or small your mileage dreams.  My favourite story of the weekend was from a young lady new to running.  She gave birth to twins less than four months ago and has been running at home on a treadmill, taking on virtual challenges whilst she builds her fitness and her confidence.  She came to the show for ideas and inspiration.  What she took from the show was an abundance of energy and a vigour for her new passion.  She will now do doubt inspire her partner and her friends.  That is the energy we should all pass forward.


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