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25th March 2020
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26th May 2020
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Buy me using the link above!

I am not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions.  And by jove, if any of us could go back in time, we might come up with something way more inventive than the standard resolutions.  But here we are, frozen in this very odd time, or if you’re still working and potentially on the front line, pedalling at 100 mph just to keep your head above water.  Either way, 2020 has proven to be a most unusual year indeed.

Back to the point.  I did make two resolutions, one I’ve kept up with more than the other and it was to read and deal with emails.  I don’t like having a full inbox, especially when it’s full of email newsletters from things I have subscribed to but never read.  In that vain, I unsubscribed from everything I don’t open and now read everything else.  It does take a bit of time, and where I have found this is too much I have unsubscribed again.  This is a little like moving house and thinking you’ve cleared the loft, then a year later realising there’s still a lot of rubbish up there.  Not only do I now feel more informed on certain topics (I’m guessing that was the idea behind the subscription) but I feel more relaxed about the state of my inbox.

There are some things though I must admit I usually just delete.  It’s like a pair of familiar shoes that haven’t quite made it to the bin because you’ve been through so much together.  In these days of Covid-19 I should point out that for all those shoes their days are numbered.  I still receive emails from Tough Guy – the original and most challenging obstacle event on earth.  Clearly you may have your opinion (all valid) regarding that statement.  But original to them because they claim to be so, and original to me because that is where I first earned my stripes, and a whole heap of stripes after that.  Challenging because I think it could be the most permanent course out there, built to stay, built to last, and very really dangerous.

I receive their emails.  I always have but I rarely read them unless they actually pertain to an event I’ve entered.  They don’t make any sense.  In fact they are total nonsense and Mr Mouse knows it.  It is his style.  But I opened their virtual race email this week and managed to sift through some of the guff to find a small amount of sense; I quote

“We must all adapt and work together to keep our world turning.”

I agree.  Whether that is staying in or staying at work, staying fit and staying well, or keeping an eye on the vulnerable in society.  Now don’t get me wrong, Tough Guy are promoting their brand and encouraging you to sign up for a virtual event that requires some actual participation.  But everyone is promoting something or someone.  All those apps and fitness videos we’re following, calls to webinars and masterclasses from photography to foreign language mastery in 12 weeks, we all have something to sell and something to gain.  

Of the 15 virtual challenges they set you on top of a 5km run, I think only two of them are remotely feasible for socially isolating individuals, but you could have fun making up your own.  I’m certainly going to try.  Stair diving? Parachute Jump? Canal Ordeal? I ask you!  Didn’t I tell you their emails don’t make sense.

However, and this is an unashamedly promotional plug… if you succeed in picking any 15 of these challenges and scoring a brass Tough Guy medal, or you score a medal from any other virtual challenge, we have just the medal holder for your display – VIRTUAL MEDALS.  Are we prophetic?  No, we’ve had this hanger on our shelves for a couple of years, but we like to think we’re sensitive to the trends that keep our customers fit and challenged.  Real or virtual, it all counts.  Whether you are keeping fit to stay healthy or to stay sane, we’d like to reward your dedication at this difficult time.  And in so doing, you keep us going and we keep others going.  For the rest of this month, we are selling our Virtual Medals medal holder at a knockdown price.  If this doesn’t encourage you to keep up with these challenges, nothing will.

Simply use code TOUGH in the coupon box to claim your discount.  Then I’ll know you’ve read this story.  And, in the vain of keeping up my virtual challenge this week which was a coffee fundraiser on FaceTime to support a charity I should have been cycling for this year, you can share a snap of yourself with your virtual medals and Virtual Medals holder on our social media.  We promise to read every reply as we de-clutter our inbox.

Stay well.  Stay safe.  Stay home.  Stay fit.

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