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17th November 2015
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Magnificent Seven Auction

Magnificent Seven Charity Auction for Children in Need.  Are you marathon mad?


I quite often switch the radio off when I’m driving, either because the music bores me or the talking or both.  But I happened across Chris Evans with his Magnificent Seven Marathon Package Charity Auction this morning for Children in Need.  Having missed the first part of the programme, I didn’t know the full details of the package but, having looked, it sounds both incredible and exhausting.  A guaranteed place in the London Marathon 2016 and a place in the New York City Marathon 2016 with training from Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe.  Staying in the hotels that host the elite runners, being taken to NYC on an upper class seat, what more could you ask for?


When I left the car the current highest bid was £40,000!  I was absolutely staggered.  The people making up the next six places were in and around the £20,000+ mark.  Admittedly this is all for Charity and is unbelievably generous, although I would argue not altogether altruistic – a bit like friends with benefits – but still.  Can a place at London & NYC really mean that much?  I certainly wouldn’t bid it, even if I could afford I wouldn’t.  Would you?

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