18th March 2020
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25th March 2020
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What the ping was that?

Yesterday I came across a disaster.  Now I should clarify this is a disaster with a small ‘d’.  We all know what a Disaster looks and feels like…especially as it’s escalating daily.


I decided this week that seeing as though work looked likely to dry up, I should start cycling as often as possible.  In actual fact, the day I made this decision was the day work trickled to nothing. And since then zip.  It’s a little like the silence that comes with waiting for something you can’t see on a timeline you can’t measure.  Again, you probably know how I’m feeling.  If you believe the story on today’s news about the couple recently returned to Bournemouth from Tenerife, they’ve recommended we enjoy our freedom whilst we still have it.  And that was another reason for staying on the bike.  If we do go into total lockdown  I might have to park it and the car.


So, when my bike went ping on Wednesday I wasn’t unduly concerned.  I thought I’d hit a stone that had flicked up and was bouncing along my chain.  That was until it went ping, ping yesterday.  Three spokes. Bugger.  Now what?  Well fortune as it happens.  The bike shop down the road, who have seen an upsurge in people getting their bikes serviced – we all know why – recommended I drop the wheel in and they’d see what they could do for next week.  Better than nothing I suppose so I did.  And I am delighted with a capital ‘D’ to say they squeezed the job in on the same day.


Disaster averted…for now. I’ll be out again tomorrow. Won’t I Boris?

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