Virtual medals, let’s get real!

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19th November 2017
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19th November 2018
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Virtual medals, let’s get real!

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The definition of virtual…is actually quite challenging to understand by my ancient dictionary.  But, it does say without strict definition.  Does virtual fitness mean almost fit i.e. not fit yet?  Maybe in eons gone by but in the new virtual world.  Nowadays it means fitness that takes place remotely from where it was conceived.   You get all the perks of actual fitness- the medal, the fitness gains but without the bits you don’t need – the goodie bag and the journey time.


At The Medal Hanger Shop we have a very actual approach to fitness; and health for that matter.  But this month I took on a virtual challenge for Cancer Research UK.  I chose to cycle up to 300 miles in 30 days to raise money for life-saving research.  My challenge was anything but virtual.  I’ve cycled in the rain more than once, and possibly more times than ever in my life.  I’ve cycled in the dark, cycled before work, to work and after work.    I’ve ridden in high winds, ridden everywhere and at times been too tired to ride anywhere.


There isn’t a medal for this challenge as far as I’m aware.  But if there were I know where I’d hang mine.  Yes that’s right, we have a ‘purpose built’ medal hanger for these special challenges.  Hanging these virtual medals separately is a nod to the extra motivation you have to find to keep going when things get tough.  There are no roadside spectators or hundreds of other athletes on the same course to keep you going.  You drag your sorry self out of bed when it gets hard and back to bed when it’s been hard.  This is a nod to that!


Virtual or actual, just keep it real and keep at it.  Oh and don’t forget your high viz.  Happy training.

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