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There is some debate regarding the wearing of professional team kit by amateur riders and whether this should or should not be frowned upon.  If you think of it in terms of football then absolutely it should be, if you are a Accrington Stanley fan (I’m of the era with the milk advert) you’d probably think nothing of buying the home and away strip so why not?  Let’s use Sky for example, you’d want to be head to toe in black, white and blue trim, whether you’d stretch as far as the socks and the sunglasses who knows but you’d look good, even if it didn’t get you a discount on your TV and broadband connection.  On your own, admittedly, you might look a bit of a plonker especially if you were struggling to get above 14 mph but if that’s your team and you want to share in their success/ be gobbled up by corporate giants (argument here for all sports branding, we shan’t pursue it) then that’s your choice.  But if you and your mates wear any team kit (socks and all) and you all go out together then that’s a statement.  You’re saying move over because the Team has arrived.  If you look like you mean business then people think you mean business and they’ll give you room (assuming they can use their wing mirrors) and you will have the road.


If you have the team mentality, if you cross the line arm-in-arm with your mates, or you stand in the queue at the coffee shop and buy five Americanos for five Amigos then you really should have a Team Cycling medal hanger.  You will appreciate the beauty of this medal hanger, how can you not, you spend much of your cycling life staring at the backside of the person in front of you.


Two millimeter thick stainless steel for a robust and shiny look, not a stitch of lycra in-sight unless you hang your bib shorts up to dry.  The only thing this hanger doesn’t do is fit neatly into the pocket of your jersey but it will hold all your medals, guaranteed.  It takes less time to hang this than it does to change an inner tube. Fact.


Length: 325 mm, Height: 90 mm

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1 review for Cycling – Team

  1. Jacob Saunders

    Love this hanger – well made and an unusual design.

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