5th November 2019
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10th April 2020
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Additional Bar & Ribbon Bundle


An additional plain stainless steel bar and bundle of eight ribbon tails and 10 safety pins. This item is designed to add to the display under your large rosette holder(s).

The Additional Bar & Ribbon bundle item is designed specifically for customers who already have one of the following rosette holders and require more hanging space:



Love to Ride

My Rosettes

Top Dog


If you have a Flyball rosette holder please email us for advice (

The additional bar & ribbon bundle is a separate item that attaches to the wall with its own fixtures and fittings.  You will receive eight new ribbon tails with this item and a pack of 10 safety pins as you did with your original rosette holder.  This gives you the ability to create a new display or add to the display you already have by attaching the additional bar under your existing rosette holder.

*The colour of the ribbon tails may vary between dark blue and dark green depending on the colour available to us at the time of packaging your item*

Dimensions 44 × 0.15 × 1 cm