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27th October 2012
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Large Medal Hanger

I have been running now for many years earning some lovely medals during that time that have been sitting in a shoebox in my wardrobe for far too long. This year I decided to display the medals for all to see and after spending some time on line I found the perfect product in the medal hanger by the Medal Hanger Shop in the UK.

They have a large and extensive range of medal hangers themed around a variety of sports including Running, Swimming and Gymnastics. The one I went with was the large male medal hanger which is quite large at height 21.0 cm, length 43.30 cm, width 2.0 mm. The medal hanger would easily hold between 20 and 30 medals depending on how you space them out. It was extremely easy to install and is very eye catching.

I am delighted to be able to display my medals and would highly recommend this product to anybody wanting a top quality medal hanger.

If interested in this product please visit the Medal Hangers Website at:


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