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9th October 2019
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Not so long ago for my birthday I was given a Gratitude box.  What is that?  A little box full of useful prompts, note cards and wild flower seeds.  It’s quite a cerebral present and, having never seen one before, I thought it was charming.


At the present time you might be finding it difficult to feel gratitude.  We have months of uncertainty ahead.  You might have thought things were bad when the London Marathon was cancelled.  But now we’ve added to the list, and the uncertainty and concern has spread exponentially.  We’re worried about our homes, our jobs, our children’s’ education; our futures basically.  But I think we can still feel gratitude even if in small measure.


Yesterday I arrived home to a random bunch of flowers.  Well okay more like a few stems but they were there and they’re vibrant.  It wasn’t a special day, just a Tuesday, but they were special to me.  I’m feeling grateful for my health at the moment too.  Being amongst the fitness community for a job brings with it an inherent risk at times like these.  Not to mention that as of today my job has stumbled to a dead end – the gym is closing, my classes are cancelled.  But I have my health.  I treasure it and I will nurture it for as long as I can before either the virus sneaks into my body, or I am forced to stay indoors by stringent measures.


I am also grateful that my other joy is my business, which my good friend and I have diligently nurtured since 2012.  I truly hope it will flourish the other side of this pandemic.  What makes me grateful is you.  Our customers.  You are loyal to our small business, you buy our goods to display your sporting achievements, you succeed and then so do we.  It’s a little like that Gratitude box.  Pass it on I said to my friend when we were thinking of another friend’s birthday; I think she’d like it.  Perhaps I’m clutching at straws with all this, but whilst I can be grateful I shall be positive.  Pass it on if you can.


Good health customers, suppliers & friends.

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